Insurance Products

Farm Insurance – An all in one package offering most coverages for the every day farmer. Includes coverage for buildings, contents, theft, liability, machinery breakdown and in some cases motor vehicle. This product is not a one size fits all but can be tailored to each individual circumstance confirming value for money and comprehensive protection

Machinery / Motor Vehicle Insurance – Covering all types of agricultural machinery and motor vehicles whether registered or unregistered. This policy also has the ability to cover towed implements and trailer mounted plant items. 

Crop Insurance – Broadacre insurance, Cotton Insurance, Plantation Timber, Fruiting Trees, Viticulture and Horticulture coverages available. Multiple Insurers ensures competitive pricing and optional coverage types. 

Liability Insurance – Farms, Feedlots, Feral Pest Management. Whilst normally attached to the Farm package specialist coverages are available for fencing contractors, wild dog trappers, contract musterers and shearing teams.

Aviation – Aircraft Insurance for planes and helicopters